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Dr. Kevin Camphausen - Visiting Professor

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The University of Wisconsin Department of Human Oncology (DHO) had the privilege of hosting Dr. Kevin Camphausen, the National Cancer Institute Radiation Oncology Branch Chief, November 13th and 14th. In addition to serving as Visiting Professor for both clinical and scientific trainees in the department, Dr. Camphausen provided his insights into “Pre-clinical Models in Radiation Oncology” at the DHO Cancer Biology Seminar. Dr. Camphausen has been a long-standing advocate for clinician-scientists and the integration of basic science into both radiation oncology training and careers. He has made seminal contributions in the fields of angiogenesis and biomarkers of tumor and normal tissue radioresponse while continuously advancing novel therapies in the most challenging malignancies of adults and children. An inspired physician, educator and scientist, Dr. Camphausen’s visit was an honor for the faculty, residents and staff of the DHO.