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Amy R. Moser

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Moser Amy.png

Amy Moser



    Phone: (608) 265-6520

    Mailing Address:
    6107, Wimr Wi Institute Medical Research
    1111 Highland Ave
    Madison, WI 53705

Moser Lab Page

Moser Lab


  • BS in Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University 1976
  • Ph.D. in Human Genetics, University of Michigan, 1983



Recent Publications

Lauren M Zasadil, Eric M C Britigan, Sean D Ryan, Charanjeet Kaur, David J Guckenberger, David J Beebe, Amy R Moser, Beth A Weaver
High rates of chromosome missegregation suppress tumor progression but do not inhibit tumor initiation.
Mol. Biol. Cell: 2016, 27(13);1981-9

Daniel G Petereit, L Jennifer Hahn, Shalini Kanekar, Amy Boylan, Søren M Bentzen, Mark Ritter, Amy R Moser
Prevalence of ATM Sequence Variants in Northern Plains American Indian Cancer Patients.
Front Oncol: 2013, 3();318

Walter J Hopkins, Johny Elkahwaji, Christina Kendziorski, Amy R Moser, Paulette M Briggs, Kaleigh A Suhs
Quantitative trait loci associated with susceptibility to bladder and kidney infections induced by Escherichia coli in female C3H/HeJ mice.
J. Infect. Dis.: 2009, 199(3);355-61

Hua Wang, Douglas Teske, Alyssa Tess, Rebecca Kohlhepp, YounJeong Choi, Christina Kendziorski, Amy Rapaich Moser
Identification of novel modifier loci of Apc Min affecting mammary tumor development.
Cancer Res.: 2007, 67(23);11226-33

R L Kohlhepp, L F Hegge, A R Moser
The ROSA26 LacZ-neo(R) insertion confers resistance to mammary tumors in Apc(Min/+) mice.
Mamm. Genome: 2001, 12(8);606-11