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Kimple Lab

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Randall Kimple
The overall goal of our lab is to improve the care of cancer patients by understanding how cancer treatments can be tailored to the individual patient. We focus the majority of our efforts on head and neck cancer but are interested in all types of cancers that are treated with radiation therapy.

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Prospective trainees will be exposed to a wide-range of experimental techniques and approaches. Our lab has experience with protein biochemistry, x-ray crystallography, structure/function mapping, mutagenesis, expression and purification of proteins, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, tissue microarrays, cell biology including both established and primary culture, xenograft mouse models (both heterotopic and orthotopic), gene-expression analysis, and human clinical trials.

We are currently seeking enthusiastic, hard working individuals who have expertise with high-throughput sequencing/gene expression analysis and would like additional training in our biological models, individuals with molecular imaging experience seeking to apply their work in new and exciting avenues, and individuals with other complementary expertise seeking translational research opportunities.