UW Health Radiation Oncology Clinic Takes Precautions During Covid-19 Outbreak

The UW Health Radiation Oncology Clinic continues to provide high quality cancer care amid the Covid-19 outbreak. As the situation evolves, clinic staff are regularly implementing new safety precautions. Some of these occur “behind the scenes,” while others are more visible as patients and staff navigate through the radiation oncology clinic. For example, patients and staff alike are screened for symptoms of illness each time they enter the hospital and the clinic. Doctors, nurses, radiation therapists and others wear masks and face shields when interacting with patients. Staff and patients “gel in and gel out” for hand cleansing every time they enter and depart the treatment rooms. These precautions help reduce transmission of the virus, protecting both patients and clinic staff.

In addition, our teams are working to meet the needs of their patients and families in ways that reduce the number of required trips to the clinic. Patients may notice that their doctors are:

  • Using Telehealth to provide personalized cancer care without always requiring an in-person visit.
  • Postponing radiation treatments when treatment outcome is not comprised by a later start date.
  • Using hypofractionation — delivering the prescribed radiation dose over fewer treatments — when safe and possible.

The radiation oncology clinic is committed to providing high-quality cancer care and continues to accept new cancer patients who require timely treatment.

Communications: The Radiation Oncology Leadership team connects daily to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our patients and staff and provide remarkable healthcare. We work together as a team and ensure all personnel are aware of pertinent changes. Dedication and teamwork remains the guiding principle for the department during Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a quickly evolving situation. For UW Health updates about clinic operations, precautions, and other information, visit https://coronavirus.uwhealth.org.