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IT and Poster Printing


If you are having a problem or problems with your computer or printer, or need to have any software installed, contact either Matt Schultz or Chris Schulte. Contact us by either email or phone.

For quick assistance, use the telephone

Email tag turns a three minute fix into an all-morning affair.


Matthew Schultz
Dept. of Human Oncology — Senior IPC
School of Medicine and Public Health
600 Highland Ave. K4/326
Madison, WI 53792
PHONE: 608.262.9013

Christopher Schulte
Dept. of Human Oncology
UW School of Medicine and Public Health
600 Highland Ave. K4/326
Madison, WI 53792
PHONE: 608.263.4129

Poster Printing

Image of our poster printer, the Epson Stylus Pro 9600The Department of Human Oncology will print large scale conference posters. We will also print large format images for other purposes such as signage, instructional use, and presentations for classes.

At least one dimension of the poster should be either 36 inches (91.44 cm) or 42 inches (106.68 cm).

Submitted electronic version of you poster should be a PowerPoint layout or PDF file of your project. We will also accept Adobe Illustrator projects, though there might be issues with missing images of fonts. If you have a file that is less than 32 MB, you can enter it in the form below. You can also send it to, or share it with Chris Schulte (

Get your project to me at _least_ 24 hours before you need it finished, though it is a good idea to get them in as soon as you can. We then print an 11 x 17 inch copy for you to review and ensure that the layout is what you want. You should also scrutinize for typos, mispellings, and wording.

Posters are printed on a first-come first-serve basis. If there is an event that multiple people from the department are attending, it is best if you get your project in early.


Poster request

Request that a poster be printed.
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