Between our program rotations and clinical practice scope, our residents are well-prepared for a career on the forefront of clinical radiation oncology.

Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program


Thank you for your interest in the Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program. We are proud of our program’s history of training impactful therapeutic medical physicists, and we are excited about making you part of that heritage. We hope you will find our website helpful and informative as you go through the process of selecting and applying for a residency program.


The Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program is a two-year, CAMPEP-accredited program. It is designed for individuals with a graduate degree in medical physics, physics or engineering and who have graduated from a CAMPEP-accredited graduate program, successfully completed a CAMPEP-accredited certificate program or successfully completed the core didactic coursework identified on the CAMPEP website.

The program provides comprehensive clinical training in all aspects of radiation oncology physics, including

  • linear accelerator operation and quality assurance
  • basic and advanced treatment planning
  • radiation detectors and measurement systems
  • brachytherapy
  • imaging systems as applied to radiation oncology
  • radiosurgery
  • treatment planning system modeling and validation
  • special clinical procedures
  • shielding and radiation safety
  • radiation equipment and procedure commissioning

Our residents participate in clinical work under the supervision of experienced radiation oncology physicists and have access to many research opportunities and resources.

Graduates of the program positively impact patients by enabling the highest quality of care and ensuring the safest therapeutic use of radiation. They are well prepared for professional careers in radiation oncology physics and board certification in therapeutic radiological physics by the American Board of Radiology.


The Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program is an official program within the Department of Human Oncology. The department is responsible for all technical and professional components of radiation oncology in the UW Health system (including the employment of physics residents). The residency program faculty consists of faculty and academic staff within the School of Medicine and Public Health and UW Health staff at the University Hospital.

Across our clinics, we have 19 radiation oncologists and eight physician residents engaged in intramural and cooperative group clinical protocols and patient care. The physician staff is responsible for the treatment of approximately 2,000 new cancer patients per year. The Radiation Oncology Physics Division consists of 17 faculty and staff radiation oncology physicists along with dosimetrists, clinical engineers and physics residents.

Abigail Besemer headshot
Abby Besemer, PhD, DABR (she/her)
Director of Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program
Portrait of Jordan Slagowski
Jordan Slagowski, PhD, DABR (he/him)
Associate Director of Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Program