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Physics Alumni Testimonials

Embarking on the next step of your educational journey is no small feat, and choosing the right residency program can be a pivotal step in your career. We understand that selecting the perfect fit for your aspirations is a decision that merits careful consideration. That’s why we’ve gathered a collection of heartfelt and candid testimonials from some of our program’s previous residents.

The UW Radiation Oncology Physics residency program first started in 2001 and has since been lucky enough to have 26 exceptional residents graduate from the program. We take immense pride in nurturing some of the brightest talents in the medical physics field and providing residents with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to embark on successful careers. Hopefully, these stories of our past residents serve as a testament to the excellence, mentorship, and camaraderie that our program has to offer and give you a glimpse at what it’s like to live in the beautiful and vibrant city of Madison.

UW Residency Program

“The residency program prepared me so well for my role as a clinical medical physicist as well as for the ABR board exams. The residency program and the quality of residents’ education are a high priority in the department. The mentorship of the faculty and staff were top notch; my work and thoughts were valued. I also had the opportunity to participate in interesting research and truly impactful clinical projects. If I had to do it all over, I would rank UW #1 again!” – Jennie Crosby, 2020-2022

Christina Breeze making adjustments“It was incredibly hard leaving my program, colleagues, and home-away-from-home in Madison, WI! The residency program was fun, challenging, and overall ideal for preparing me to be a competent and confident clinical medical physicist. I love that the program has a great work-life balance while still providing plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. The didactic training and preparation for board exams is phenomenal, and the high standards of our department are something I can hold with me to provide new perspectives in my current position.” – Christina Breeze, 2021-2023

2017 - Abby, Dave, Brendan - At the Terrace“My favorite thing about the program was the amazing people that I was able to work with. All the physicists were very dedicated to educating and mentoring residents in both clinical and research endeavors. Everyone was always eager to share their knowledge and expertise with residents and they provided me with a very strong didactic background as well as lots of practical clinical experience. Additionally, everyone was so friendly and approachable that I never felt hesitant to ask questions or ask for help when needed. I really enjoyed the culture of the whole department and I genuinely enjoyed coming to work every day.” – Abby Besemer, 2016-2018

Lianna Di Maso, Jennie Crosby, Lindsay Bodart, and Christina Breeze in the treatment room“The UW Residency Program does more than just provide the foundation required to be a medical physicist, because of the didactic training mixed in with all the hands-on experience and responsibility, it gave me the confidence to be a successful and safe medical physicist. The physicists at UW Madison are among the best in the field and are great at teaching how to think quickly, do things efficiently, and always make safety a priority. The diverse physician practices allow for the exposure to many complicated and well-thought-out treatment regimens; and every resident and physician is always willing to teach and explain their side of the clinic. The outstanding dosimetrists are great at explaining how and why they create their treatment plans, and each have with their own tips and tricks. The abundance of state-of-the-art machines and equipment made it easy to become comfortable with all the devices used by a clinical medical physicist.” – Lianna Di Maso, 2020-2022

Life in Madison:

Andrew Shepard applying RT mask while a medical resident watches.I found Madison to be an extremely active city, and it was never difficult to find fun activities outside of work. During my time in Madison, I loved playing in a city-wide ultimate frisbee league, taking in the atmosphere of a Saturday football gameday, and visiting the farmers market on Capital Square. But my favorite thing would have to be going to the Memorial Union Terrace on a summer night. The terrace is located right on Lake Mendota and was a great place to hang out with friends, enjoy live music, and take in a good sunset.” – Andrew Shepard, 2018-2020

Bredan Barraclough curling“Something I enjoy about Madison is the seasons and that there are things to do no matter the weather. There’s always a new activity to look forward to when the weather changes – farmer’s markets, parks/hiking, water activities, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, etc. Before you get sick of the weather, it changes!” – Brendan Barraclough, 2017-2019

Friends from Human Oncology on the Memorial Union Terrace“Madison is a great Midwestern city that definitely punches above its weight compared to similar sized locations. As a foodie, the food scene leaves little to be desired and I have many favorite restaurants but definitely recommend Pig in a Fur Coat and Estrellon. I have yet to find a farmer’s market that can compare, and getting fresh fruits and veggies as well as snacks has been great, and hopefully can return soon. Even with COVID, the ample bike paths and nearby Devil’s Lake provide plenty of opportunity to have some outdoor fun and cross country skiing is a popular winter activity here.” – Dave Dunkerly, 2017-2019

Lianna Di Maso, Jennie Crosby, Christina Breeze, and Lindsay Bodart having sushi“Madison is also an amazing city to live in, it has the big city feel without being a big city. There are great restaurants, outdoor activities, and beautiful scenery. I am grateful for my time and education at UW Madison.” – Lianna Di Maso, 2020-2022

Vimal Desai, Jennie Crosby, and Leonard Che Fru at the lakefront“My favorite underrated activity in Madison is the Overture Broadway season ticket. I’m disappointed that we had to miss out on most of this year’s shows for obvious reasons but living a block away from a Broadway theater and getting to see 7 shows for maybe the price you’d pay to see just Hamilton in NYC is incredible and something we’ve been taking advantage of for a while now. Concerts at the Sylvee/Orpheum/Majestic were also something my wife and I were enjoyed.” – Vimal Desai, 2019-2021

Physics Residents outside of Lambeau Field“Madison has many family-friendly activities. We enjoyed trips to the Terrace, Capitol Square, the zoo, the children’s museum, Olbrich Gardens, and various parks. It’s an active town with great running trails along the lakes. And there are unique restaurants and coffee shops to frequent.” – Jon Hansen, 2018-2020

Jeni Smilowitz and Abby at The Ride fundraiser“Madison is such a fun and outdoor friendly city. The city is full of bike paths, parks, and lots of water activities like kayaking or sailing on Lake Mendota and Monona. I personally love hiking and tried to visit as many nearby parks as possible during my time in Madison. Around town I loved going to the terrace, walking down State street, visiting the capital building, going to concerts on the square, visiting Olbrich botanical gardens, and seeing lots of concerts, musicals, and standup at the Overture, Orpheum, and Majestic theaters. The housing in Madison is also very affordable and I lived very comfortably on a resident’s salary. I lived in an apartment which was only a few blocks from the hospital so I was able to walk or bike to work every day which was really great.” – Abby Besemer, 2016-2018

Residents in front of wagon filled with pumkins at a pumpkin patch“Having moved up here from Texas, I was new to all the fun fall activities that can happen when you actually have four seasons. I love going to the Treinen Corn Maze every year. It’s a great activity to do with friends. They have a new and challenging design every year—past ones I’ve been to have include a Trilobite, a Unicorn, and a Water Bear. It’s still a fun family outing now that I’m no longer a resident and have a toddler. There are a bunch of fun kids activities, and you can pick up your pumpkins for Halloween.” – Jessie Huang-Vredevoogd, 2015-2017