Alison Arnold, MS, DABR

I am a board certified medical physicist in the Department of Human Oncology. My principal focus is maintaining high-quality and safe treatment delivery of radiation therapy to our patients through rigorous inspection, review, and quality-assurance tasks. I provide support to address and resolve the clinical and technical challenges provided within the ever-evolving field of practice of radiation therapy. I am an additional resource for medical physics residents expanding their knowledge and understanding of their role and impact in the day-to-day clinic.

Charles Wallace, MS

I am an associate researcher in the Department of Human Oncology. My primary focus is on brachytherapy—the treatment of disease using radiation over short distances, primarily using radioactive materials. I am responsible for the treatment planning, safety and administration of brachytherapy procedures at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. My previous role in the department was oversight of the TomoTherapy program from 2008 to 2010. Since joining the department in 2007, I have been responsible for the education of radiation physics residents and radiation therapy interns with regard to brachytherapy.