Elekta Flexitron Remote Afterloader

Flexitron Afterloader 3.0_900x600
Image courtesy of Elekta Inc., 2017


The Elekta Flexitron Remote Afterloader is used to insert a radioactive source directly into a tumor, where it stays for a short time. This form of treatment delivers a precise, localized dose of radiation while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue. The Elekta Flexitron Remote Afterloader is designed to simplify and enhance High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy treatments using Iridium-192. The Flexitron system features an efficient interface, high spatial precision, and up to 40 treatment channels for the largest treatment volumes. We perform upwards of 1000 HDR brachytherapy procedures per year, treating gynecological, breast, prostate, skin, and head and neck malignancies. We have Flexitron systems located in two dedicated operative treatment suites at University Hospital.

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