Prior Bentson Translational Research Fellows

Kathryn Mittauer, PhD
Dr. Kathryn Mittauer

Kathryn Mittauer, PhD
Bentson Fellow 2017-2019

Dr. Mittauer has a PhD in medical physics from the University of Florida, an MS in radiological medical physics from the University of Kentucky and a BS in physics from Furman University. She completed the Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Residency at the University of Wisconsin.

Current Position

Medical Physicist and Assistant Professor
Miami Cancer Institute, Florida International University

Research Description

Pancreatic cancer is often undertreated by radiation to limit potentially lethal toxicities at the adjacent bowel. Currently, the dose level at which such bowel toxicities occur is not well understood. This is due to previous technological limitations and limited animal models of human anatomical size. Dr. Mittauer completed research that utilized a novel swine model in combination with the precision of MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy to evaluate the maximum tolerated dose to the duodenum. The results of her studies potentially will allow for delivery of additional dose to patients with localized pancreatic cancer, and this may confer a survival benefit.

Academic Achievements as a Bentson Fellow

During her time as a Bentson Fellow, Dr. Mittauer was awarded an Early Career Medical Physics Scholar at Winter Institute of Medical Physics Meeting for her work in assessing duodenal toxicity using a swine model with MR-guided radiotherapy. Dr. Mittauer also received competitive external funding support through a Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) research grant. She presented the findings from her studies at numerous international research meetings and has or is in the process of publishing these findings in peer-reviewed research manuscripts. She was an invited speaker at Sun Nuclear Quality Assurance Dosimetry Symposium (March 2018), principal investigator on an MR-guided IRB protocol, author of a book chapter on MR-guided radiotherapy for the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), and invited speaker at the July 2017 at AAPM Annual Meeting on MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy. Because of this record of achievement, Dr. Mittauer was able to achieve her goal of launching an independent research career when she was hired to a faculty position in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Miami Cancer Institute with a joint appointment at Florida International University.

Recent Publications

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