New Faculty: Craig Hullett, MD, PhD

Craig Hullett, Post Grad TraineeDr. Craig Hullett, who completed his radiation oncology residency at the University of Wisconsin in 2018, returned to the Department of Human Oncology as an assistant professor in August.

Hullett earned his MD at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Most recently, he served as a radiation oncologist at Community Cancer Center, a private, non-profit cancer treatment facility in Roseburg, Oregon.

In his new role, he will serve as radiation oncologist at UW Cancer Center Johnson Creek.

“I already was familiar with the fantastic care being provided at the Johnson Creek facility while a resident at UW,” Hullett says. “They are blessed with remarkable staff and technology, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work there while having the benefits of a strong affiliation with the UW.”

Hullett interest in caring for patients with cancer grew during medical school. “I found that I was not only interested in the variations of cancer itself, but also in the wide variety of patients it affects. I cannot come up with a brief description that adequately summarizes all patients with cancer. They are each very unique not just in terms of their specific disease, but as individuals, and it is both an honor and a pleasure to work with this diverse group of people.

“I knew I found the right specialty for me during my radiation oncology rotation. It is an amazing field that is continually advancing. That is part of the allure of being affiliated with the UW, in fact. The UW is composed of a wide range of people who are leading the advancement of the field, and it will be exciting to be part of that. It is also a field that is inherently multidisciplinary, wherein you find yourself interacting with colleagues across the spectrum of medical specialties as a team to obtain the best possible care of each patient. I’ve always appreciated this team approach and, again, it is clearly very highly valued in my new position.”

Outside of work, enjoys spending time with his wife, Kim, and their sons Andy, 15, and Danny, 9. “We are all looking forward to the wide variety of activities in the area including UW games, the Overture Center, and the Terrace. We are outside as much as possible. We also love to travel. Finally, we look forward to reconnecting with some wonderful friends we made the last time we lived here.”