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Leonard Che Fru

Radiation Oncology Physics Resident

Department of Human Oncology

2021 Physics Residency Alumnus


PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Medical Physics (2019)

MS, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Medical Physics (2015)

MS, Minnesota State University, Physics (2012)

BS, Minnesota State University, Biochemistry (2008)

Selected Honors and Awards

Radiological Science Training Grant Award (2018-2019)

Standard Imaging Travel Award (2016)

MSSA Leadership Scholarship (2008-2009)

Chemistry Scholarship Award (2008-2009)

Thin Film Technology/Mankato Area Foundation Scholarship (2007-2008)

International Student Endowment Scholarship (2006-2007)

Golden Key International Honor Society (2006)

Dean's List (2006)

  • Potential role of the glycolytic oscillator in acute hypoxia in tumors
  • Potential role of the glycolytic oscillator in acute hypoxia in tumors. Phys Med Biol
    Fru LC, Adamson EB, Campos DD, Fain SB, Jacques SL, van der Kogel AJ, Nickel KP, Song C, Kimple RJ, Kissick MW
    2015 Dec 21; 60 (24): 9215-25
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      Tumor acute hypoxia has a dynamic component that is also, at least partially, coherent. Using blood oxygen level dependent magnetic resonance imaging, we observed coherent oscillations in hemoglobin saturation dynamics in cell line xenograft models of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. We posit a well-established biochemical nonlinear oscillatory mechanism called the glycolytic oscillator as a potential cause of the coherent oscillations in tumors. These data suggest that metabolic changes within individual tumor cells may affect the local tumor microenvironment including oxygen availability and therefore radiosensitivity. These individual cells can synchronize the oscillations in patches of similar intermediate glucose levels. These alterations have potentially important implications for radiation therapy and are a potential target for optimizing the cancer response to radiation.

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Leonard Che Fru, PhD

600 Highland Avenue, K4/b100,
Madison, WI 53792