ViewRay MRIdian Linac


The ViewRay MRIdian Linac is a radiation therapy system that provides continuous high-contrast imaging of soft tissue during treatment. This helps clinicians position the patient, adjust treatment and track patient motion for accurate treatment.

Technical Specifications

The ViewRay MRIdian Linac system combines a 0.35 Tesla MR scanner with a linear accelerator-based 6 megavolt photon beam. The MRIdian system delivers continuous high-contrast imaging of soft tissues to aid the treatment team in the precise alignment of targets and nearby organs and enables adaptive treatment planning using high-quality 3D MR imaging. The system features a double-focused multi-leaf collimator (MLC) with an effective projected leaf size around 4 mm. The MRIdian system is capable of delivering treatments correlated with the patient’s breathing motion.


The MRIdian Linac is located at University Hospital in Treatment Room E.

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