DHO Graduating Residents’ Farewell 2023

The Department of Human Oncology recently celebrated three incredibly talented resident graduates at Cooper’s Tavern to honor completion of their training programs in June 2023. Christina Breeze, Emily Merfeld and Lindsay Bodart were lavished with praise and certificates commemorating their milestone achievements. Christina and Lindsay will commence medical physics faculty positions at the University of Colorado and University of Wisconsin respectively, and Emily a radiation oncology community practice role in Des Moines, Iowa. To say that these three medical professionals have earned the trust and respect of their peers would be a gross understatement. The states of Colorado, Iowa and Wisconsin are very fortunate to have attracted these early career superstars. Thousands of cancer patients and families will be the beneficiaries of their expertise and commitment to excellence over the years to come. Similarly, they will have a strong positive impact on future colleagues and staff as well as trainees of the next generation. We look forward to their many contributions over the years to come. Congratulations!