Genitourinary Cancer

Below is a directory of Department of Human Oncology physicians who specialize in treating genitourinary cancer. Contact one of our clinics if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.


Associate Professor (CHS)
Department of Human Oncology
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Clinical Professor
Department of Human Oncology
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Assistant Professor
Department of Human Oncology
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Team Care

Our radiation oncologists work with a talented team of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, nutritionists, nurses and therapists to provide each patient with outstanding, compassionate, personalized care.

State-of-the-art Treatment Approaches

Patients with genitourinary cancer can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality care that uses the latest technology and treatment approaches.

When appropriate, we offer patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials that will help define the standard of care over the next 50 years. These trials enable your physicians to work toward the ultimate goal of improving treatments for patients throughout Wisconsin and the world.

Clinical Trials

Woman working in a laboratory. He writes with a felt pen. Selective focus

Clinical trials are research studies that investigate ways to prevent, detect or treat cancer. They are at the heart of all medical advances.

Clinical trials for patients undergoing radiation therapy may involve new ways to use existing treatments, new drugs or combinations of drugs and radiation, or new procedures or devices. They may also investigate patients’ quality of life or the effects of a cancer diagnosis on individuals, families or communities.

Many people participate in clinical trials to help future patients. Your doctor may ask you about taking part in a clinical trial. But please note each clinical trial has specific criteria for participation. Only patients who meet these criteria will be able to participate.

Please don’t hesitate to ask your doctor whether there is a clinical trial that is appropriate for you.