Residents’ Corner

Picture of the five residents with Andrew Baschnagel
Brett Morris, Kaili Ranta, Colin Harari. Graham Campbell, Hari Menon, and Andrew Baschnagel at ASTRO


A group of people in front of a sign.
Kaili and her partner, Hari, Christina Breeze, Lindsay Bodart, and Steve Blum taking a break from ASTRO
Two people on an oversized Memorial Union Chair
Brett and Hari having ice cream at the Union
Illusion room where one person appears very large
Kaili with Brett and a medical student
Water skier on mono borad mid-jump
Michael Bassetti in mid jump
Water skier on mono board
Hari Menon wake surfing


Group of people on ski boat
Dr. Bassetti and the residents out water skiing
A group of people in a music venue
Steve Howard taking the residents out to concert to see Built to Spill